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hustler freestyle lyrics russ

Hustler Freestyle Lyrics : sung by Russ. The English song “Hustler Freestyle” lyrics is written by Russ and the song has been produced by Jake One.

Hustler Freestyle Song Info:
English Song : Hustler Freestyle
Singer : Russ
Producer : Jake One
Lyrics : Russ

Hustler Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, I got somethin’ for this
Na, na-na, na-na

Pullin’ people’s cards is so cathartic (it is)
Finished every beef a rapper started (yeah)
I swear I’m ’bout to eat, Eid Mubarak
I see my target (I got you)
I want the throne and then I’m ghost like I’m Omari Hardwick
Y’all Bonnie, Clyde, y’all got no heart, your money’s Robert Jarvik
Do a card trick, make your queen just disappear
‘Cause I see in a week, what you see in a year
It’s brutal (yeah)
The hate was futile
You Googled me and see how fruitful all this is
‘Cause what I do for all these kids, is give ’em confidence
Y’all give ’em drugs and early coffins, it’s astonishin’
But I’m off this shit, I’m polishin’ my approach to be more Hov like (Hov like)
Some dudes don’t like ’cause they know I’m what these hoes like
My future’s so bright, the biggest rapper without a co-sign
Mama on the coast line
Media sendin’ blitzes but I got angels on my old line
Y’all must think you’re God or somethin’ (you’re not)
To think you’ll actually got the power to be stoppin’ somethin’ (you trippin’)
That’s been decided already (true)
Your favorite model, well, I bet I been inside it already (facts)
Your favorite car, I bet I drive it already, damn
I do what I’m born to do, you do what you’re told
I don’t think I ask for much, just give me what I’m owed
Man, they tried to give me two but I made ’em give me four
Opportunity ain’t knock, so I had to build the door
Buss it down, Cuban link, buss it down, fuck my ex
You know my next I’m fuckin’ up, not fuckin’ down
Not fucking ’round, I want the crown, that’s non negotiable
And if I haven’t reached my goals, I’m not approachable
Don’t talk to me, I’m agitated (agitated)
I know I made it but I still feel like I haven’t made it
Guess that’s just the hustler in me
Yeah, that’s cool

Jake One

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Hustler Freestyle Lyrics – Russ