Why So Serious Lyrics - Dax

Why So Serious Lyrics - Dax

Why So Serious Lyrics - Dax
Why So Serious Lyrics - Dax

Why So Serious Lyrics : sung by Dax. The song is written by Dax and produced by Lex Nour Beats.

  • Why So Serious Song Info/Credits :
  • English Song : Why So Serious?
  • Singer : Dax
  • Lyrics By : Dax
  • Produced By : Lex Nour Beats

Why So Serious Lyrics by Dax

Last time I talked you 

Guys you thought I was mental

I explained how I felt cause

I thought you were people 

I could vent to

But you just laughed, 

Said I'm crazy, stupid and slightly special

That I should quit, or end 

My life so now I resent you

Now I'm in a room all by myself

Get your hands off me 

I don't need your help

You don't care about me or how I felt

My heart, my mind, my soul or health

I was so damn heated 

I thought I was gonna melt

You discarded my cries and 

Now ima have to yell

Just look in my eyes 

Tell me what they spell

He NO's I's im in plus two L's (hell)

I've been searching trynna find a way

Trapped inside my mind is where stay

You torment and laughed at all my pain

For no reward or any type of gain

I feel the rage it's spreads inside my vains

I see the hate it sticks inside my brain

This life is nice but I cannot sustain

So I'm here to explain

I ain't a industry nigga

I'm a nigga in the industry

I got a hard dick for pussies 

Who think I'm soft and are not feeling me

Why are you fucking up all of my energy

I did this independently

But you hdd a large entity

Leave me alone don't even mention me

I'm going crazy when I look around

I swear I see 10 of me

I'm not bipolar but 

I feel an imbalance inside me chemically

Up down up down go

My emotions and I feel incredibly

Sick but also the remedy

Clicks, why they're promoting anything

I think Weight on my chest is anxiety

Or maybe I'm tired of dealing with all of these different identities

If they don't like me then it's jealousy

Talk behind my back cause they know

I got the sauce

And I'm cooking up this recipe

I can't let you get best of me

You are not my dawg 

I've said it before and if you were

I would name you Penelope

You cannot save face

I will feast on your heart 

On a plate on a Sunday

And I won't even say grace

Take it out let it rip like beyblade

Then take your mind and try to find where I reside cuz I'm living for free inside

But I think it's time I move away and vacate

You make me LOL no JK

Just admit you fucking hate me

Want to try and humiliate me

But no matter what you do you're never gonna break me

No matter what you do you ain't never gonna change me

I'm unique and you are a copy cat

And by the way you treat me I can tell it drives you crazy

So here's My advice

Focus on urself

Cuz u can't build yourself up by tearing down someone else

And Ya I know negatives sells

But it's not worth the karma you get dealt

Cuz it comes a round 

Like a boomerang and whips you like belt

You don't want to be me

You can't get on this level

I'm on par with the Gods

Sat down didn't sign then 

Spat in the face of the devil

You've built up to much animosity

And it's obviously

Causing you to be an atrocity

And it's slowed your whole flow

And that's the scientific 

Definition of viscosity

Now you gotta copy me

Now you gotta say you

Didn't get your swag off a me

Now you gotta spend all your money trynna keep up with me

You don't even know 

What it takes or what it cost to be

Now you gotta talk about me in public

And try to discredit me 

To the sheep who are fucking puppets

And try pretend that 

I'm way below when I'm way above

When everybody knows It makes me sick to my fucking stomach

So I'm about kkkkk kik and pop shove it

And cause ruckus hit you wit cccc cock suck it and cause sudden

Hit you with a couple of big buckets

3 something put them all together that makes 5 a quintuplet

Everybody knows that go hard

I'm straight rugged heating up to Farenheit levels only inside ovens

You are now an enemy don't

Expect to be fist bumping

If you see me better get moving 

Buddy and start running

Star studded people be hating 

Cuz I be jaw dropping

When they come battle me

They be jaw locking not popping

Put you down under inside a locked coffin

Then I get to dancing and 

Singing moving like Mary Poppins

Then I get to Peter piping on ya shitty writing while I get to pipe 

Big titty bitty butt giant km

The mother fucking 

King bitch don't even try 

But if you do I'll ask


Stop acting like you're on your period

My commas can't takes breaks

I'm stacking like bricks 

On ancient pyramids

How you drive me out when I'm steering it

I'm 6'2 these bars to high 

Boy you clearing it

Your like a virgin to me aka no experience

I'm boutta make ya head 

Bounce of the wall

911 is what you'll 

Have to call hit ya with t

A cross and make ya body fall

Hit you wit a POW (Pau)

Just like my boi gasol


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